Show Us Your Photography Skills!

Take a great picture? See something interesting? Help shape our Avon-Avon Lake photo gallery.

Have a great picture of a sunset? One of your softball team after the championship game?

Show off your photo skills, or your team, in the Avon-Avon Lake Patch photo gallery. It’s easy. Just go to and upload your photo(s). Don’t forget to give yourself photo credit and include a caption for the picture.

It could be a photo from a soccer game at . Or maybe billowing smoke from . If your inspired by Lake Erie, day or night, take a pic and post it to the gallery. We love pictures of people, too.

Then make sure you share it with friends, family members and co-workers.

Did you upload pictures before and don’t see them now? Sorry, we had a little glitch after we merged the Avon and Avon Lake sites. Go ahead and upload them again and we’ll make sure they stick this time.


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