Open up a little happiness today. Open up a smile on another face.

Encouraging the world to stop spreading so much dark energy into a world that is so wonderfully bright.

I will never understand why some people are resentful of hearing good things that happen to other people. 

I have noticed that people tend to only talk about bad things that happen. It's like a 'venting' type thing, I assume. People complain about everything, and I mean everything.

I over hear people in the hallways having these conversations about their boyfriends, their parents, their friends, and about school. And none of these conversations ever have anything nice in them. Friends talk about other friends behind their backs. How they hate their parents. How much their boyfriend/girlfriend suck. How stupid school is. And mainly I hear a lot of "I hate everyone".

I will admitt that I am a culpret myself for having some conversations like these. But I just don't understand how some people can be so full of this negative energy. And to be quite honest, it's really unfair to the people who surround them because negative energy has a way of effecting everyone that comes in it's way. And it spreads from there.

The thing is that no one ever talks about good things that happen. And I want to know why they don't. I understand that people need to talk about certain things to release burdens that they might have, but I do not understand why they drowned themselves in this negative energy and why they have to pull other people under with them. 

Is this a modesty-type thing? Do we keep the good things to ourselves because we don't want to seem as if we're bragging about them? Or that we think others will think we're more superior then them? Or is it simply because we think no one will care? 

I truly don't even know. But I really wish it would change.

Let's say, you and your best friend get in to a fight. A huge fight. And you tell everyone else that's in your friend group about it just to let off some steam. And you tell other people that might not even know who your friend is. Not only are you talking behind the back of the person who is supposedly your best friend, but you are involving other people who aren't even in the argument and you are filling their head with all of this negative energy. And maybe you convinced a person to hate your friend in the process, even though they don't know them

Your friend over hears how you've been talking behind their back, and now you have another reason to continue fighting.

Then, a week later you too become friends again. 

Now you have to go through the effort to tell everyone how you to resolved the conflict. 

And let's pretend this cycle happens a lot. Soon, no one will bother to ask how you and your friend are because sadly they won't care anymore because you two will end up fighting again later anyways. 

But once it starts happening a lot more, the friends that you originally told about the fight start to worry about you and they become oppinionated. They tell you to stop fighting or stop being friends. 

Of course, you won't stop being friends. And everyone tells you how dumb it is for you to continue to be friends with someone you fight with all the time. So really - why are you still friends? 

Because there are good times. 

Good times that nobody knows about because you keep the good things to yourself and only share the bad things. 

You and your friend will eventually stop having all of these frequent arguments because you two are friends. Sometimes people get irritated with eachother, but a friend is a friend no matter what. 


I suppose I was trying to make a few points by this. 

One being, negativity does not benefit anyone - stop spreading it because soon it is going to eat you alive. And eventually everything else that you have ever loved.

There are plenty of things to love. So share what you love. Share the good things because they are good things and they are things that will benefit you the most. 

There is no such thing as too much positivity.

Being negative will not make anything better, ever. You can only go downhill from there. 

The things that you chose to share with the world and the way you choose to carry yourself are the things that people remember you by. 

Open up a little happiness today.

Open up a smile on another face. 

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