Boot Camp Fitness Center Opens on Pin Oak Parkway

Former Case Western soccer player opens center, "no excuses"

 A new fitness center on Pin Oak Parkway is offering a way to get fit and stay in shape.

Everyday Active Fitness, which opened Sept. 15 on Pin Oak Parkway, is offering 45 minute classes that incorporated strength training and cardio in continuous intervals.

The “boot camp” style workout has been a proven success for owner Tracy McMahon, who leads the workouts. She and her husband Seamus, co-own the business.

“I used to take boot camps when the kids were small and lost a ton of weight,” McMahon, the mother of four and former soccer player for Case Western Reserve University, said. “My husband and I decided to open out own.”

The camp is available for individuals, although McMahon said the classes have several couples who have joined together.

The combination of cardio and weight training has proven effecting.

“They go hand in had for weight loss,” McMahon said.

The center’s website bills the workout as a convenient, inexpensive and fun alternative.

Class members start in the middle of the gym and rotate through side rooms. The center offers on-site babysitting for a nominal fee in several child-friendly rooms in the back.

“You’ve got no excuses any more,” McMahon said.

The workout is intense, but not extreme.

“As a whole, it’s challenging,” she said. “You’re pushed to limits, but not to the extreme. Anyone can do it. It makes no different if you’re a beginner or advanced.

“Everyone needs to get active, there’s no excuse not to.”

On Oct. 4, the fitness center’s Facebook page posted one week trial of boot camp classes in Avon Lake. McMahon said the center offers 1, 3 and 6-month plans.

Weekdays, classes are at 6 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 5 p.m., or 6:30 p.m. Saturday classes are at 8 a.m. and  10 a.m. Sunday’s class is at 8 a.m.

Classes are currently all indoors, although McMahon is hoping to take some outside in the spring.

The center is located at 33640 Pin Oak Parkway, in Avon Lake. For more information call (440) 391-0294 or email tracy@everydayactivefitness.com or  @gmail.com.


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