Home Consignment Gallery

Why should you shop at Home Consignment gallery?

Upscale consignment shops like Home Consignment Gallery offer  “gently used” furniture and home accessories that the original purchaser no longer wants or needs; usually due to down-sizing or other life transitions. This translates into a wide variety of quality furniture of different tastes and  preferences.

Artwork & other home decor items are great things to buy from consignment stores in general because they rarely show wear but do show your tastes and interests. Home Consignment Gallery has collection of quality Fine Art from a variety of artist; abstracts, realism, photographs, paintings, water colors, and prints.  We also have interesting pieces from exotic lands, quirky/unusual items and vintage pieces all for very reasonable prices.  Not to mention an ever changing collection of very nice furniture at excellent prices.

Home Consignment Gallery has high standards for items accepted to sell (consign). This means that the furniture and home accessories are nearly devoid of tears, blemishes, stains and stains. The items are clean, sanitized and odor free, ready for use in your home. AND they are priced for immediate sale. 

So, Home Consignment Gallery is GOOD FOR YOUR WALLET! Shopping consignment is budget-friendly and a lot of fun! And we are also GOOD FOR THE EARTH.  Consignment shopping is good for the environment and earth-friendly.  When you recycle just one gently-used chair, you save pounds of chemicals from being released into the environment.

There is a constant flow of items in and out of the store. What you see one week might be gone and replaced with a new item the next week.  The secret to consignment shopping is return visits on a regular basis.  And once you see what you like, purchase it right away because usually there is only one, and it is very likely it will bought by someone soon.

There is always something new to see every time you visit Home Consignment Gallery.  There is always something to catch you eye to jump start your creative designer imagination. Come check us out. You never know what you are going to discover.  I look forward to meeting you at Home Consignment Gallery~!


Avon Lake Town Center, 32816 Walker Rd.

Behind Walgreen's and Next to the UPS store~!



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