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Need a reason why? More easy. We'll help to keep you informed about your community, and we don't flood your feed with too many posts. But it also helps keep us informed—here's a recent example:

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, an Avon reader posted this warning on our Facebook page:

“Just a warning to all of the people who get on I 90 in the morning, I have lived in Avon over 15 years and have never seen this many deer on the side of the road, I was going to work and had at least 8 of them running in front of my car and thought I was home free until one more came out of the wood line and I ran into it, the front end of my car was smashed and was over four thousand dollars in damage...please be safe..if you see someone driving real slow on 90..its me!!”

And speaking of deer, on Oct. 17, just for fun, we posted a link to an audio clip from a woman who called a radio station asking why “deer crossing” signs were on the highway, encouraging deer to cross. Fun and applicable, but probably not the type of posting that will make our main Patch page.

We issue breaking news alerts on our Facebook (don’t forget to subscribe!) which lets you immediately share news with other Facebook friends.

And Facebook tips are always welcome.

There are other examples of how the Avon-Avon Lake Patch Facebook page acts as a community information center. We let one reader who asked know just how to find her polling place, and let her know fast.  

And of course, readers are welcome to share their Facebook news and events by posting our page, like the Avon Lake Fire Department did here. It let our Avon Lake readers where to find updated information on Issue 10, the Paramedic levy. Others have shared school fundraisers, Breast Cancer awareness information and given props to school teams.

So, if you haven't liked us on Facebook yet, we hope you'll consider it. It's easy. Just click here.


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