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Who has the best selection of wines? Best prices?

There are quite a few stores that sell wine in Avon Lake, including two wineries that make their own. Whether you're looking for a nice California chardonnay or an Ohio Riesling made right here on the north coast, you probably have a favorite.

Maybe you're looking for the best-priced table red over a medal-winning merlot.

Vote for either , , or the

Editor Lori E. Switaj will choose the winner based on numbers from the poll. Voting ends Aug. 17.

The places you nominated are listed below.

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Joyce Boughter July 25, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Lee grows most of his own grapes and his family has been in Avon lake for generations. Support his family business. He and his wonderful family are valuable members of the community. He is not owned by some corporate big shot!


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