Chris Brown, Relationship Violence and Girls: Moms Talk

What should children learn about relationship violence?

During Sunday night's Grammy Awards, we got to see Adele's awesome comeback, Jennifer Hudson's emotional tribute to , and Glen Campbell's farewell performance. Adults over 35 discovered Nicki Minaj and deadmau5.

The Grammys also spawned something disturbing at the show and in the Twitterverse.

Chris Brown returned to the Grammys, literally the scene of his crime. Three years ago, on the eve of the 2009 Grammys, Brown beat up then-girlfriend Rihanna, leaving her with a battered and bruised face. Brown was convicted of assault, and was sentenced to probation and community service.

Some were not happy with the way he was feted, with multiple performances including leading a tribute to late Soul Train creator Don Cornelius. Celebrities from Miranda Lambert to Jack Osbourne to Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet were sharing their disapproval via social media.

"Everyone who apparently forgot what Chris Brown did to Rihanna should read the police report on exactly what he did," actor Wil Wheaton tweeted.

Meanwhile on Twitter, some of Brown's female fans showed their love with tweets that could be charitably described as clueless.

One told critics to "shut up" and that "he can beat me up all night if he wants." The offer by young women to let Brown beat and punch them was a common theme in the tweets.

Today, let's talk popular culture, relationship violence and young people. 

Do you think letting Chris Brown have such a prominent role in the Grammys so soon after his crime was the right thing to do, or a bad message?

What about the girls who tweeted they would let a man beat them because he was cute, rich and famous? And what about the boys who read those tweets?

Share what you think young people need to know about relationship violence, and how to lay a foundation from the beginning that teaches children that violence doesn't mean someone loves you so much they can't help themselves.

Joining us, as always, is our fantastic Moms Council.

 is a freelance reporter with Patch. Julie a longtime reporter and communications professional, is a first-time mom of a son born in 2010.

 works in public relations. She has a daughter, Amara. Monina is also a member of the Disney Moms Panel, one of 15 moms selected nationwide, advising people online about planning Disney vacations.

 is a mom of four children ages 6 and under with her husband, Bill. Their fourth child, Colette, arrived Jan. 10. Stephanie also works part-time.

 is a native of New Jersey. She is a marketing professional who has worked in advertising, market research, vending and equipment companies. She and her husband live in Avon with their two children.

 is a mom to a Girl Scout and lives in Avon.

 is the newest member of the  and past president of Avon Early Childhood PTA.

If you're a parent and want to share your experiences raising children in Avon, you can .

Julie A. Short February 15, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Hollywood is one of the few places that welcomes "criminals" back with open arms. Try to get a "real job" with a criminal record or any hint of past wrong doing. This is sad state of our world and something our children must learn to separate. Some of these people are not role model..... On the subject of relationship violence, we need to again, teach our children about respect. Positive self-image and confidence also are important for women.
Stephanie Predovich February 15, 2012 at 07:42 PM
I agree with Julie that Hollywood welcomes back the people who have done wrong very easily! I like some of Chris Browns' music but now will never respect him as anything but a singer. I know people who have dealt with relationship violence and some hid it well while others not so much. We are already trying to explain to our kids what is ok and what is not! When they start dating the real sit down will occur and it will be discussed more in depth.
allure searles February 16, 2012 at 11:09 AM
I agree with Julie as well domestic violence needs to be taken more seriously it is ridiculous how people act and the women that tweeted about Chris wanting him to beat them up and punch them in the face that shows that these women do not understand domestic violence abuse they are sick and need help I bet if they were in a abusive relationship with men who constantly abused them every day they would feel different than and think twice about making such remarks of getting beaten by a man who has serious issues with domestic violence and should own up to his actions.


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