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Just a little less than five months ago, we launched Avon Patch as a new voice in the community.

Being online, we're designed to be interactive. It's not just my voice that belongs here, your voice belongs here, too. That what makes the new blogging feature so great.

Do you have an opinion on what's going on in Avon? What do you think of the city government, development, schools? Here's a chance to make yourself heard.

But it's not just big issues we want to hear about. We want to hear about what people of all ages in Avon are doing, feeling, thinking and trying. So you don't have to stick with news topics. We'd love to hear from members of local organizations, public officials, volunteers, religious leaders, teachers, students, musicians, artists, coaches, parents, historians and business people.

Are you a teen or young adult in Avon? Write about your life as you step into adulthood. Are you a gardener? Share ideas and questions, and show off your garden. Health and fitness your thing? Share your favorite running routes, the best place to get protein bars and where you like to work out. Sports fan? You can talk Tribe, Browns, Cavs, Crushers, and the Avon High School Eagles to your heart's content. Have your own idea? Let us know.

You're free to choose your subjects. If you want to talk politics, share a recipe, and do an entry of photos from your kid's Little League game, go right ahead. We don't tell you what to write. You can write entries as often as you like, on your own schedule.

The ground rules are simple: Profanity, defamation, threats or unfounded claims will not be allowed.

You may get recognition, but not money, from blogging on Avon Patch. The deal is, we get to share your words with our growing community. You get to share your words on a community hub. And, since we're a part of a larger media group, you could find an even larger audience.

Sound like fun? E-mail me at melissa.hebert@patch.com with a photo of yourself and what you'd like to do, and I'll give you the scoop.


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