Letter to the Editor: City Ready for Zilka to Lead

Zilka stands "heads and shoulders" above competition.

When a small city can boast that it is a blessed community, and we in Avon Lake can proudly claim that blessing.

However, now that we face a run-off election, we must choose the best candidate, and I am firmly convinced that stands head and shoulders above his competition in the areas that matter: knowledge, experience, dedication and integrity.

While I appreciate the gifts of former Mayor Berner, and while I gratefully acknowledge the contributions has made in his term, I believe it is past time for our city to enjoy the benefit of Greg Zilka's considerable knowledge in the area of government, his many years of experience an dedication to our city through continual terms on and the deeply honest sense of integrity that compels him to serve with humble generosity.

I will again vote for Greg Zilka in December, and for the good of Avon Lake and her fine citizens, I hope that the majority in our community with join me.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lorene Coughlin

Avon Lake


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