Union President Says Romney Not a Leader: Letter to the Editor

What do you think about this Service Employees International union president's open letter to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney?

Dear Mr. Romney:

Your welcoming letter to President Obama felt a little sketchy to me. I remember, as I am certain my fellow Ohioans remember, you supporting actions, or in many cases inaction, which would have cost Ohioans their jobs, their homes and their rights.

You, Mr. Romney, made it clear that you don't understand how average Ohioans live and support their families. That is why you did not support the auto industry bail out and in fact said "Let Detroit go bankrupt." 

Unlike you, President Obama understands that the auto industry is the backbone of livable-wage jobs for Ohio's middle class and without those jobs they could not feed their families or pay their mortgages. That is why President Obama bet on the America worker and as a result, 120,000 Ohioans now work in an auto-industry job, while another 848,000 Ohio jobs thrive because of the auto industry's influence.

Mr. Romney, what do you say to those nearly 1,000,000 people now working because of the auto industry, do you tell them you do not support their jobs?

Mr. Romney, you also said government needs to get out of the way and allow the foreclosure process to "run its course and hit the bottom." Clearly you do not understand what hitting bottom means. Bottom means families, children and elderly people homeless. Ohioans without anywhere to go, people thrown into turmoil without a way out. Does that sound responsible and reasonable to you? President Obama didn't think that was responsible or reasonable, that is why he enacted legislation to keep families in their homes. If you were president would you encourage banks to throw hardworking Americans into the streets?

Mr. Romney, you also supported Governor John Kasich's quest to pass Senate Bill 5 - which was unsafe, unfair and would have hurt us all. Being a man of extreme privilege, there is no way you can understand what is means to struggle financially or be worried about harsh working conditions that could threaten your life. Supporting laws that strip union rights from hardworking healthcare professionals, fire fighters and police officers shows just how out-of-touch you are with Ohio's middle class. President Obama supports workers and worker rights, it's unfortunate that you want the person saving your life or protecting you to be over worked and underpaid.

You are right about one point Mr. Romney - we do need proper leadership. America needs a strong leader that will wake up each day concerned about struggling middle-class families and those that aspire to be in the middle class. President Obama is that leader - you, Mr. Romney, are not.

Washington is already full of politicians and special interest groups that rig the system against average people. We certainly don't need one occupying the White House.


Becky Williams
SEIU District 1199

Becky Williams is President of the Service International Employees Union, District 1199 which represents 35,000 healthcare and social service workers in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.

David May 09, 2012 at 11:59 AM
Gee, a union leader who doesn't like a Republican. What a shock. (And how predictable)
Cheryl Lister May 09, 2012 at 12:55 PM
Reread the letter and you will realize the writer doesn't say she dislikes the Republican, but rather dislikes his policies. Predictable? What is predictable is the Republican Party's answer to every proposal to improve the country is NO!!
Victor Mooney May 13, 2012 at 03:42 PM
This [Barbara Striesand] letter is already 5 days old and only 2 comments---hmmmmm---must be everyone is either dumstruck or insulted---hmmmmmm. Let`s see: "livable-wage", "Middle-class" , "Obama-strong-leader?", "strugglling Middle-Class families"---are we talking about the same "Middle Class" , $100,000.00 plus earners who compose the 7% of Ohioans who live at the top and are still crying for more?--I`m voting for "insulted".
James Thomas May 22, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Jeez, 35,000 workers in three states. That's not enough to affect, much less win an election. Why would any national or state office seeker care what Becky Williams thinks.
SenseWorth November 01, 2012 at 11:21 AM
I wonder what Ms Williams would say about Pres Obama's successful and very wealthy political allies who were the investors in Solyndra, received tens of millions of special tax credits for their investment and then dumped a bankrupt Solyndra on the taxpayers including her own union members.


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