Wanted: Bird Bloggers in Avon and Avon Lake

We want your bird photos, your bird observations. Heck, we'd even like to see your birding videos!

Seriously, my favorite radio station is any public radio station and I often pester the editors with re-enactments of the stories I hear. 

So when WCPN featured The Cleveland Natural History Museum's Harvey Webster in a show all about birding I was inspired to reach out to you directly. 

In the program, Webster mentioned the Audubon Society's weekly bird watching events at parks across the region and several great local bird blogs. 

But I'll bet Avon and Avon Lake has some undiscovered bird bloggers. And I personally invite you to start your own blog on either Avon Patch or Avon Lake Patch and share your bird photos, observations, heck you can even post a video if you have it. 

Are you already blogging about birds? You can post your blog on Patch and reach a wider, local audience. 

Questions? Reach out to Avon and Avon Lake Patch Local Editor Lori Switaj.


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