‘Articulate Suspicion’ not Enough to Detain Bike Rider

This week in Avon's police blotters.

From logs... 

An older man wearing a bike helmet walking down Detroit Road in Avon drew enough suspicion on Sept. 6 that the police were called.

Police were initially unable to find the man but eventually located him the parking lot, walking a bike. The man claimed he was “fine” and on his way to Oberlin. When police asked him for identification he said he required more than “articulate suspicion” to provide it and rode away.

In other news:

A Lake Drive resident last week claimed a neighbor started screaming at her because her dog was barking at a squirrel and the neighbor made threats to kill her dog and harm her. The threatening party, on Julia Road, denied making threats and the issue was resolved for the time being. 


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