Assault Over Teen Clothing Gets Physical: In the Blotters

Also, woman passes out in front of Mulligan's.

This week’s police reports included the following from the Avon Police Department. 

Whose clothes are they anyway? Police were called to a house on Caroline Drive Feb. 10 when a clothes exchange between three 16-year-old girls got physical.

One of the girls went to Avon Police Department to report being assaulted by two of the other girls.

Police separated the girls, sorted out the clothes and told the lot of them to keep away from each other including on social media.

No one was interested in pursuing charges.

In other news:

Police were called to Mulligan's Pub on Colorado Avenue at 9 p.m. on Feb. 10 and found a 29-year-old woman passed out in front of the building. Her husband was located…in the bar. The woman was taken by ambulance to the AECC. 


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