Avon Middle School Levy Suffers Narrow Defeat

Issue 8 loses by less than 200 votes

Issue 8, the $32 million levy to build a new middle school, was rejected by Avon voters Tuesday.

With 100 percent of the votes in, 3,726 (48.84 percent) voted for the levy and 3,903 (51.16 percent) voted against.

Levy supporters gathered at in the library at Avon Middle School left quickly after the results.

"It's disappointing," said acting school board president Kevin Romanchok.

Avon Middle School principal Craig Koehler said that part of his job for now remains helping figure out a way to fit more than 600 children in a school built to hold 500.

"Look at the class sizes coming up," he said. "This isn't going away."

The Avon Board of Education asked for the levy after deciding the existing could not be expanded to fit a growing student population, and that renovations to bring it up to state standards for a middle school were not cost-effective.

Supporters of the levy said that building a new school made economic sense for the district, as interest rates are low and construction costs could be more competitive.

The new middle school, supporters added, could also help alleviate crowding at and elementary schools by possibly moving the sixth-graders there to the new middle school. , the oldest school in the district, could be closed and the students moved to the single-level current middle school.

have said the district should save money by renovating the existing middle school.

The levy would have been for 1.25 mills over 32 years. It would have cost homeowners an additional $38.29 per year for every $100,000 in home valuation.

Treasurer Kent Zeman said the very soonest a new levy could go on the ballot is in March. After that, the next chance for a vote would be in June.

The school board is scheduled to meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the media center at Heritage North.

Kristin Leb November 09, 2011 at 02:49 PM
Wow. My share would have been 15 cents a day. I trust those of you who voted against it won't be complaining any time soon if your house value goes down due to the school looking like c**p and not holding enough students. I have one child there now and one coming up. Although they would have been gone by the time it was completed, it is well worth the value. What a shame.
Elizabeth Langford November 09, 2011 at 06:07 PM
I highly doubt my house value will go down because Avon didn't pass (for once in 25 years) their school levy and because the school looks like crap. Every community is not fortunate enough to have all brand new schools, but they seem to make due. If the school board would not have been so greedy with the amount and length of the last operating levy, maybe the citizens would have voted differently. My house payment went up nearly $100 per month from that "little" levy and frankly I can't afford another increase at this point as my salary just isn't keeping up with my tax increases. BTW, house values have already plummeted in Avon and it has nothing to do with the schools . . . . it's called a bad economy!


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