It's Official: Board of Elections Certifies Zilka as Next Avon Lake Mayor

Close runoff election meant waiting to see if a recount was necessary

The Lorain County Board of Elections certified Avon Lake Council President Greg Zilka on Dec. 19 as the next

Zilka earned 2,466 votes (50.35 percent) to incumbent Mayor K.C. Zuber’s 2,432 votes.

Zilka increased the amount of votes he won by to 34. On Dec. 6, before mail-in and provisional ballots were received, Zilka led by 29 votes in the runoff election. The unofficial Dec. 6 results were 2,451 votes cast for Zilka and 2,422 for Zuber.

Ohio law requires an automatic recount if there is 1/2 of 1 percent differential. With a total of 4,873 votes cast, a differential of 24 votes would require a recount. The certified results by the Board of Elections guarantee a recount will not be required.

With neither candidate earning more than 50 percent of the votes at the Nov. 8 General Election, Zilka and Zuber were forced to a run off election.  



Jim Strang December 20, 2011 at 02:53 PM
First, let me say I had no personal interest in the outcome of this election. I don't live in Avon Lake, nor do I know either man or the issues that drove (or, more apparently, did NOT drive) the voters to the polls. But, simply as an observer of the election process, I think it would be informative to know what percentage of the city's "active" voters those 4,873 participants formed. ("Active" voters are those who have cast ballots in the several elections immediately preceding the election at hand; "registered" voters, the more commonly cited figure, include those who may have left the city, not voted for years, or died, but remain on the voting roll. The number of active voters in each precinct is printed in the back of the precinct's signature book.) From what I saw, this runoff had a relatively small turnout -- well fewer than half of those who could have voted, bothered to do so. And, of that minuscule number, a shift by only 18 voters would have brought a different result. Thus, if nothing else, I would hope this election becomes an object lesson in area high school government classes, where teachers routinely preach the importance of each citizen's vote. Were I such a teacher, here would be my lesson: "In this election, had the number of voters reflected in the population of this typical government class voted differently, the results would have been different. Look around you, ladies and gentlemen; you have the power to create your destiny. Use it. Vote!"


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