Candidate Profile: Karl (K.C.) Zuber for Mayor

Karl (K.C.) Zuber is seeking the office of Mayor of Avon Lake.

Karl (K.C.) Zuber is running for the office of Mayor of Avon Lake

Name: Karl (K.C.) Zuber
Date of Birth: 03/04/1963
Occupation: Mayor City of Avon Lake
Education: B.A. Government/Psychology Evangel University Springfield, MO; 1981
Years residing in Avon Lake: 44 years
Political Affiliation: Republican
Office Sought:  Mayor
Previous Political Office Sought or Held: Avon Lake Mayor (incumbent) 2008-present; Avon Lake City Council at-Large 2002-2007; Avon Lake City Council, Ward 4 1992-1995
Email: kczuber@yahoo.com
Campaign page: www.reelectkczuber.com

Candidate Statement:
Keeping Avon Lake financially stable while continuing the great services we enjoy is my administrations number one priority. During these hard economic times, government spending has been brought under control.

The City of Avon Lake spent less in 2010 than in 2009 and 2008. We  maintained a substantial cash carryover.  Avon Lake is saving $25,000 annually and has improved technology with the new phone and internet provider Wide Open West (WOW). This administration negotiated and signed a three-year pay freeze with the city unions and added a new health care option that will save $100,000 annually if half of the city employees elect this option.

We recently signed a two-year extension with Republic Waste, our trash hauler, freezing rates for 2012 and 2013-saving you and the city thousands of dollars.

The second component of keeping Avon Lake financially stable is economic development. Over the last three years Avon Lake businesses have added hundreds of new jobs. I joined the board of Team Lorain County our regional economic development group that promotes Avon Lake to outside business. We created a small business resource connection at the library to help our local business grow by providing monthly workshops on marketing, social media, accounting and more. We are partnering with other business groups including SCORE and COSE to provide additional workshops and counseling to promote business growth.

These economic development endeavors are now paying off as we have seen income tax collections up over 20 percent in the first nine months of 2011. Your family tightened its belt and so has your city government. Under my leadership during these hard economic times, the city is growing income taxes, spending less and maintaining our great services.   

K. Peters September 21, 2011 at 04:47 PM
Wow! you two are just picking on each others favorite candidate and not sharing your inside stories. I don't believe either one of you. I must say however that the initial post was courteous, and didn't turn for the worse until provoked. I'm sure both candidates are not guilty of what either of you accuse. Just look at their records for guidance on how to vote. I will agree with Karen prior to the insults that Mayor Zuber has kept our city in good financial shape during a economic downturn. When Mr. Berner was mayor - everyone was making top dollar, the markets were on fire. I also remember Mr. Berner having a lot of problems with our safety forces. If I recall he wanted to switch our ambulance service to be EMH based, where he sat on the board of directors. This was a political shame and the reason he was voted out. Now after reading about his plan if elected he is working to drastically change our safety forces program again. This time to make the paramedics patrol the streets and be involved with police work. It seems to me he has an axe to grind with the safety forces and won't say why. But worse than that it seems he is willing to grind it at the expense of the efficiency of that service. At one point during his term, he reduced the paramedic levy and now he says there are efficiency issues. Seems to me the service is top notch when he is not involved with it.
D Ackerby September 21, 2011 at 05:45 PM
I agree with Kpeters Berner has an issue with the police and fire departments and he lies about them constantly. I recently watched the mayoral debate. Rob Berner is a very eloquent speaker, but the content of his speech is misleading and in-accuarate. He made some comments in his support of senate bill 5 that were not true. He said that under todays collective bargaining environment performance doesn't matter, he claims it's years of service and waking up everyday that promotions are based on. Here's an article from the Avon Lake Press that says something a little different. The article talks about the promotion of a Fire Chief in Avon lake and how the performance evaluations were used in the determination. In addition Mr Wroten says "The candidates’ most recent performance evaluations were not in their personnel files, which were requested by The Press, as they have been used as part of the fire chief assessment. All three candidates declined to give their comments before the completion of the assessment process" So how again does performance not matter in current promotions? Seems Mr Berner either doesn't know his job or lies intentionally about it to further his political agenda.
D Ackerby September 21, 2011 at 05:57 PM
Here is the link sorry forgot to post http://2presspapers.northcoastnow.com/avon-lake-fire-chief-candidates-include-former-chief-grizzell/ In addition, Berner claims that he supports senate bill 5 because pay raises are not based on performance. According to Avon Lake Codified Ordinance 258.05 (b) this is not a true statement. 258.05 (b) (in part) "After the probationary period for a new employee, the employee shall either be advanced to the next step or shall not be retained. Employees may advance to a higher pay step by attaining proficiency in job skills, including knowledge, productivity, efficiency and initiative. The proficiency level of such factors shall be determined by a job performance evaluation as provided in Section 258.06." take a look for yourself - according to Berner these are not true, except they did use employee evaluations for a promotion, and pay increases for all city employees are based on more than just performance. I don't like that former Mayor Berner picks on our safety service employees, but I have a special type of disdain for political candidates that outright LIE to get elected.
1776 American Patriot September 23, 2011 at 04:04 AM
Do you really want another SPEND US TO DEATH MAYOR??? Zilka is a TEACHER (Whiny union looter) Zuber will spend us to DEATH Mayor Berner is OUR ONLY CLEAR CHOICE to stop the madness. Berner knows that businesses should have taxes reduced so they can create JOBS. PLEASE VOTE FOR BERNER - Its your duty as an AMERICAN and PATRIOT Government: GET OUT OF OUR WAY, we can handle it!
buckeye90 December 01, 2011 at 07:21 AM
Hello Proud Citizens of Avon Lake !!!!!!! Mr (KC) ZUBER MAYOR I just received your flyer via USPS. And is it True MR Zilka turned down FREE GREEN SPACE. HUH!!!!!! Merry Christmas to All !!!!!!! ★ ** *♥*o* ***o*** **o**♥*o* **♥**o**o** **o**♥***♥*o* *****♥*o**o**** **♥**o*****o**♥** ******o*****♥**o*** ****o***♥**o***o*** ____!_!____ \_________/


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