Chester Road Relocation Costs Jump With New Lanes Added

City expects to pursuing other funding to decrease the overall cost to city.

Adding two new right-turn only lanes on 611 will bump up the costs of the Chester Road relocation plan approximately $1.4 million, but the city is hoping to pursue additional funding to offset the costs.

The original cost was $2.9 million.

As stated last week, council approved a resolution of support to ODOT to support the relocation plan, slated to start in July 2014 with an interim completion date of Dec. 2014 and a final completion of May 2015.

“As explained during the Service Committee meeting, in December 2012, ODOT approved the safety grant for the Chester Road Relocation Project under the following conditions,” a letter from city engineer Rob Knopf to council said last month."

Those conditions include:

1)    A new right-turn only lane on SR 611 to the Westbound entrance ramp to I-90

2)    A new right-turn only lane on SR 611 to Chester Road

3)    An additional left-turn only lane on Chester Road to SR 611

 Knopf said the additional work is resulting in a cost increase.

“The two right hand turn lanes on SR 611 (Colorado) are going to require significant work to the embankments in order to abide by ODOT standards, along with more geotechnical and environmental work needed to meet the federal requirements of the grant,” Knopf said by email. “Because of this additional work, ODOT has agreed that the safety funds could be increased, which also increases the City match. The City will be pursuing other funding to decrease the overall City contribution to the project, which is currently slated at $840,769.”

Knopf provided the following cost increases:


Original Plan

New Plan

Construction Cost Estimate



Safety Funds to be Received



City Costs (not including other funding)


$840, 769

Engineering costs (included in City Cost Total)



Estimated Construction Start Date

July 2014

July 2014

Estimated Interim Completion Date

December 2014

December 2014

Estimated Final Completion Date

May 2015

May 2015

jeff Rink February 12, 2013 at 11:23 PM
A nearly 50% increase even before it's started. What is the likelyhood that this will come in at the adjusted bid level? What's the likelyhood that the State will kick in as much as they say they will? Barricade off Recreation Dr. and be done with it for now. It should have never even been a problem with the proper oversight in the planning stages of the Recreation Complex in the first place.


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