Chester Road Relocation Project Moving Forward

City issues a "resolution of support" to ODOT

Avon's city council has formally announced its support for theunanimously approving a  “resolution of support” at the Jan. 2w council meeting.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) requested a motion of support from the city regarding ODOT’s recommendations for the Chester Road/SR 611 relocation prior to committing funding.

The misaligned intersection is being blamed for a high number of accidents and will likely get corrected if the city of Avon is awarded grant money to move Chester Road several hundred feet to the west to align with Recreation Lane.

The resolution is not a binding contract to relocate the road.

“We won’t be committed to anything until we get the contracts,” City Engineer Rob Knopf said.

Valerie Kilmer, of Bramhall Engineering gave a presentation that included ODOT's recommendations.

In a Jan. 17 letter to council, Knopf outlines ODOT's requirments.

"As explained during the Service Committee meeting, in December 2012, ODOT approved the safety grant for the Chester Road Relocation Project under the following conditions:  1) A new right-turn only lane on SR 611 to the Westbound entrance ramp to I-90; 2) A new right-turn only lane on SR 611 to Chester Road; 3) An additional left-turn only lane on Chester Road to SR 611."

Council members had a lively discussion that included other recommendations for improving the area.

City Planning Coordinator Jim Piazza said the plans were preliminary.

“ODOT is going to tell us (what to do),” Piazza said.

Mayor Jim Smith said he would support ODOT’s recommendations.

“You can order what you want, you eat what you get,” Smith said about various council recommendations. “As many times as we kid about this stuff… when it comes to ODOT, they’re almost always right. This is what they do.”

The project, if approved, is expected to begin in July 2014 with a final completion date of May 2015.

Council passed an ordinance in October to allow Avon to enter into an agreement with Bramhall Engineering and Surveying Company.

Currently, Chester Road ends on the western part of Avon on a busy State Route 611 (Colorado Avenue), near the entrance and exit ramps to I-90. To the west is Recreation Lane, which leads to the newer recreation area including All-Pro Freight Stadium.

Earlier this year, Avon began reviewing information from the Ohio Department of Transportation, including accident statistics that indicated the Chester Road/611 intersection was one of the top in the state for accidents. At the time it was ranked 13th; it has since moved up to the ninth worst intersection in the state.

jeff Rink February 03, 2013 at 08:33 PM
This whole issue has been troubling me. I know that the city's master plan has allowed for the relocation of Chester Rd. for decades, but why are we relocating the old to match the new? Shouldn't the point where Recreation Lane intersected 611 been looked at before it was approved by the Planning Commission? Being an ODOT zone, shouldn't they have also approved it? Yes, moving Recreation Lane would be less costly, but how about just barricading that end of it and making the traffic come out on the other end. Yes, ODOT is only requiring the City of Avon to pay 10% of the grant, but just because the grant is there doesn't mean that it has to be used. I am a professional driver and have been all over the state and country in cities just like Avon. It is more likely that the reason this intersection has become so "dangerous" is because of the people who frequent that area. As a driver I have seen just what the people do while they are "driving" their cars and more often than not, it's something that takes 80% of their attention away from the road. People need to realize that they aren't driving a phone booth. It's a car, it can cause serious damage/injury in seconds. People, it's a weapon of sorts in the hands of someone who isn't paying attention. Add to the distractions the fact that nobody has any patience/courtesy when driving and you get a "dangerous" accident waiting to happen. I'm shocked daily by how many people go through a light AFTER it has turned red.


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