Firefighters, Utility Workers Top City Salary List

Top pay includes vacation, sick time pay

The top-10 paid city employees in in 2011 include three members of and five Salaries for union employees may include overtime.

Finance Director Nancy Bryan released the figures this week of the 151 full-time employees who were paid a total of $10,777,407. Seventy part-time employees were paid an additional $833,061 in 2011.

Kasten, a 34-year employee with the city, retired Oct. 31. His pay for the year included payout earning for vacation and sick tie accrued before his retirement.

Karl C. Zuber, the city’s mayor, was 22nd on the list, making $88,981 in 2011. He was also issued a $8,100 car allowance.

Topping the list for part-time employees last year was John Kniepper who was paid $68, 081 for his work with LORCO. Part-time Law Director William Kerner was second on the part-time list at $51,242.

in Avon Lake.

Avon Lake's Top 15 paid city employees of 2011:

1. Utilities Department Superintendent Richard Kasten: $153,816
2. Utilities Department Chief Utilities Executive Todd Danielson: $140,734
3. Firefighter/paramedic Laddie Lid: $114,899
4. Firefighter/paramedic John Nakel: $111,982
5. Firefighter/paramedic Lt. Angelo Tetorakis: $108,890
6. Chief of Utility Operations Rick Eberle: $107,016
7. Firefighter/paramedic Dana Szymanowski: $100,382
8. Engineering Services Manager Jack Gaydar: $99,947
9. Firefighter/paramedic Jerry Kimmell: $96,403
10. David Owad: $96,075
11. Fire Lt. Glen Eisenhardt (now chief): $95, 901
12. Fire Chief William Morris (now retired): $95,593
13. Police Lt. Duane Streator: $94,305
14. Police Lt. Sean Bockelman: $93,942
15. Fire Lt. James Berry: $91,115

Avon-Laker February 07, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Its a little shocking to see the number of high salaries here
Kathleen O'Brien Wilhelm February 07, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Too pathetic that our POLICE CHIEF IS WAY BELOW many other city employees in pay! Hope this gets fixed fast. Embarassing and sends a bad message. A community without a strong safety force is unsafe in too many ways. Our soldiers and safety forces must always be top priority. Always.
James Davis February 08, 2012 at 01:55 AM
"Shocking" is an understatement.


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