Funding Would Double for Avon, Avon Lake Schools Under Governor’s Budget Proposal

Both school districts would see large increases during the next two fiscal years.

If Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposal goes forward, the Avon and Avon Lake schools would see their funding more than double during the next two years. 

The governor revealed his school funding reform plan last week, promising that no districts would lose money in the next two years under his proposal. The proposal aims to close the gap between high- and low-income districts and, Kasich said, it would be fully funded from the start. The state supreme court has repeatedly found Ohio's school funding system to be unconstitutional. A plan proposed by former Gov. Ted Strickland also aimed to address this, but was not fully funded when passed.

Kasich's overall budget proposal was announced on Monday.

According to figures released by the state’s Office of Budget and Management, the Avon Lake City Schools would receive an estimated $2,515,895 in fiscal year 2014—almost 85 percent more than the $1,360,168 it is receiving in fiscal year 2013. The district would receive an estimated $3,144,869 in fiscal year 2015, another 25 percent increase. The fiscal year 2013 figure does not include transportation funds or funds related to career technical education, the state's information notes.

Avon Lake Superintendent Bob Scott said the proposed budget looks good for the district, especially when administrators were just hoping to maintain funding. 

“We’re being very cautious right now,” he said. 

There are still a lot of questions about how the money would be able to be used—Scott said he wanted to know if the money could be used to supplement some salaries and avoid layoffs—and the district hasn’t seen the formula behind the figures yet. 

Still, the increase wouldn’t make that big of a difference in the district’s budget, Scott said. 

“Eighty-four percent of very little is very little,” he said.

And he added that the state budget wouldn’t lessen the district’s need for a levy, since the schools have already been making cuts.

The Avon Local School District would receive an even bigger boost—an estimated $4,938,162 in fiscal year 2014, about 99.5 percent more than the $2,475,913 it is receiving in fiscal year 2013, and an estimated $6,170,972 in fiscal year 2015. That's close to another 25 percent increase.

Superintendent Mike Laub could not be reached as of publication.

Nino M February 08, 2013 at 10:39 PM
Before you get all worked up about voting for the school levy your governor has just proposed an increase of the sales tax on a total of 160 items and services. Here is an example of a few:Pet Grooming, Landscaping, services as plumping, carpentry, painting. Mini storage, Boat storage, Insurance services, carpet and upholstery cleaning, cutting-coloring and stylind hair, laundry and dry cleaning, funeral services, diaper services, debt counseling, altering and repairing of clothes, legal services, mailbox rentals, massage services, shoe repairs, swimming pool services. (Entertainment activities, ranging from admissions to cultural and sporting events to bowling alleys to billiard parlors all wll be taxes). Staying at home to watch TV the tax would hit cable television services. Also taxed Books, Movies, Digital videos, music and other electronic goods downloaded. Auto service and repairs, automotive road services and towing, automotive washing and waxing. Parking lots and garages. The list goes on and on. All of the above and many more will be paid for by everyone in this city. So think twice before you buy the bill of goods the Board of Eduction is trying to sell.
Nino M February 08, 2013 at 10:47 PM
Before you go off the deep end and vote for the levy you have to see what your Gov. just proposed today. He would increase the sales tax to 160 items. Example of some of the items: Pet Grooming, Landscaping, plumping,carpentry, painting services, Mini storages, Boat Storage, Insurance services, Property sales on commisions, carpet and upholstery cleaning, funeral services, diaper service. Debt counseling, altering and repairing clothes, legal services, mailbox rentals, massage services, shoe reapairs, swimming pool services, tanning parlors, tax return prepartions, travel agent services.(ENTERTAINMENT ACTIVITIES- ranging from admission to cultural and sporting events (Pros, College, High School) to bowling alleys, billiard parlors, all will be taxed. (STAYING AT HOME WATCHING TV- would be hit cable television services. Books, Movies, Digital video, music and other electronic goods downloaded. Auto service and repairs, automotive road services and towing, automotive washing and waxing. Parking lots and garages. JUST A SMALL LIST SO BEFORE YOU VOTE SEE IF YOU CAN AFFORD BOTH.
Myron Thomas February 08, 2013 at 10:54 PM
And lest we forget there are even MORE taxes coming at I believe the end of this year. National health care will be starting and there will be even more taxes. Plus the increases in practically all that we buy because of the extra cost passed on to the consumer because of those effects on employers.... So why are we a called every name in the book because some of us are just trying to keep our head above water on stuff we can vote on? Just because I choose to not carry debt, and or over extend like some people do should not make some of us considered bitter citizens. I truly wish I didn't have to care about how much cash goes out the door like it appears some here have the privilege to do.. But some of us can't.
Jim Harley February 09, 2013 at 02:21 PM
Cuts are needed, and no one likes taxes, and yes we need accountability. What needs to be remembered is that we have a superior school system and we have superior educators and this doesn't come cheap-nor should it. Cutting the budget is great, but let's not sacrifice our children's future ability to survive in the high tech world we are living in. Everybody should step back, go to a school board meeting, and take a harder look at what we are throwing away in order to save some cash. Jim Brady's comment on looking west to see what our system could sink to is all too real. Let's try a little harder to hold up our current level of excellence!
A Lifetime Resident of Avon Lake February 10, 2013 at 04:10 PM
A couple of years ago I learned my salary was going to experience a huge decrease. Despite this, I went out and built a very large, brand new garage (for my buses), a huge playground ( a football stadium) and many other improvements to my "home." In retrospect, I would have been wise have saved this money to be able to maintain and operate what I already had. If I had planned a little more efficiently, I would have anticipated the position I was putting myself in, but I really did not care, as I was sure someone (taxpayers) would simply foot the bill for me again. I thought I could simply put my poor decision-making onto to backs of someone else. In the past, they have always bailed me out, why would they not do so again? I will simply appeal to their emotions and tell them my kids (the students) will suffer irreparable damage if they do not help me again. I mean, why not continuing playing the "kid card", it has always worked in the past. It trumps any logical solutions, if I can only make people feel bad, they will pay for my mistakes. So I go back to my employer, neighbors, friends and tell them I need their emergency (10 year levy) help[ once more. This time they say no! Their living expenses have gone up, price of gas has doubled, food is higher, taxes are going through the roof and they are also struggling. This makes me realize I need to be more accountable in the future and put the blame squarely on myself. Sound familiar?? Where does responsibility lie?


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