Lundy Protects Lake Erie

Writer says Lundy is watching out for "great asset" that is Lake Erie.

To the Editor:

As a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio and former boater, I have always appreciated what a great resource Lake Erie is for our state. Lake Erie is not only a valuable source of drinking water but also affords numerous tourism, recreation and business opportunities. We must always make sure that policies are in place to make sure that our lake is safe and protected.

Matt Lundy shares our concerns about Lake Erie and voted against an irresponsible bill that could have done great harm to our lake. The bill was even vetoed by the governor. 

Matt Lundy has also stood up when others have talked about drilling near Lake Erie. As a current lakefront resident it is good to know that we have someone in Columbus watching out for this great asset. Let’s keep Matt Lundy working for us protecting Lake Erie.

Jean Sekulic

Avon Lake

Curtis Weems September 30, 2012 at 08:30 PM
To claim that Matt Lundy is "protecting" us is like claiming a flea gets credit for a beautiful day! I regret to say that Matt Lundy is a “talking head” who hardly knows the subject of which he speaks. For instance he claimed in 2008 that the “Building Ohio Jobs” would generate Ohio 60,000. When asked how - he had no idea! In a 2008 “Lundy Listens” meeting, Lundy stated that he believed the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) is a good idea! Regrettably, CAT taxes small businesses for simply “doing business” when they are already paying payroll, Medicare, sales taxes and more! Lundy usually comes up with whacky ideas around election time such has “Buy Ohio” which will do nothing to help companies but the idea will make us feel good. What Matt Lundy suggests will increase the state’s costs which would be an indirect tax. The best way to help Ohio businesses is to reduce the taxes, cut regulations and rescind the requirement “prevailing wage/union requirements. Lundy hurts District 57 by supporting corrosive business policies. As a member of the Elyria City administration, Rae Lynn Brady asked Lundy for help to expand her business. He never lifted a finger and it took two years to get approval! No wonder we are in such a mess with people like Lundy in government! Lundy doesn’t have a clue what it takes to create jobs! District 57 desperately needs leadership like Rae Lynn Brady in Columbus who is not a talking head for two more years!


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