Poll - Mayoral Run Off Race Is Result of 2001 Charter Change

Do you support the need for a runoff election? Take our poll.

Following the release of scheduled for Dec. 6, Avon Lake Patch received numerous inquiries and comments about why there is a run off election.

On Nov. 8, a concluded without any one candidate earning more than 50 percent of the vote. Per the city’s charter, the two highest vote getters in a mayoral election when no candidate receives more than 50 percent of yes votes—this year being Greg Zilka and K.C. Zuber—will face off in a run-off election.

That rule went into effect Nov. 6, 2001, the day Avon Lake voters unanimously approved a charter change requiring a mayor cannot be elected without a majority vote. In that General Election 4,981 voters, (81 percent) supported the charter amendment to require a run off race.

The charter issue resulted after an eight-way race in May of 2001 that resulted in Rob Berner winning the election after receiving just 20.3 percent of “yes” votes, followed by Holly Kowalski with 18.8 percent of the votes and K.C. Zuber with 17.53 percent.  That May 2001 Primary Election was needed to select a mayor after Vince Urbin resigned from the position.

Last week, Lorain County Board of Elections Director Paul Adams confirmed that the Dec. 6 election , primarily because it will be the only item on the ballot.

Adams noted that a Primary Election could eliminate the need for a single-issue post-General Election

We’re asking readers, should the Avon Lake Charter be changed back to the majority? Cast your ballot in our anonymous poll below and share the link with others.


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