Middle School Bond Issue Fails by 141 Votes

Renewal operating levy passes by wider margin

Now what?

That's the question officials with Avon Local Schools face after a $32 million bond issue to build a new  lost by 141 votes Tuesday night.

Issue 11 -- a $32 million, 2.25 mill, 32-year bond issue to build the new middle school -- got 2,816 in favor but 2,957 against.

The vote is unofficial. 

Early absentee voting was harsh on the bond issue. It trailed by an almost 60-40 percent margin early Tuesday night. But as the night went on, the gap narrowed to less than 35 votes at one point, giving supporters gathered in the middle school library hope.

That hope was dashed around 11 p.m.

"We still have a challenge," school board president Kevin Romanchok said. "The kids are still coming, the need has not disappeared and we still have to address it."

Short-term solutions at the middle school will include taking common space such as the library to use for classrooms, Romanchok said. Other possibilities include trailers for temporary classrooms.

And in the long term?

"Even if we don't build new, we'll still have to ask for money," he said. "Not just for additions here but for over at Heritage ( and )."

Issue 11 narrowly failed in the November ballot. It would have cost homeowners an additional $38.29 per year for every $100,000 in home valuation.

Issue 12, the combination of two renewal levies, passed by a wide margin, 3,326 in favor to 2,471 against.

Issue 12 combined two operating levies set to expire. It would be for $2.5 million at 3.21 mills. As this is a renewal levy, there will be no increase in cost to Avon homeowners.

Passage of Issue 12 was a huge relief for the school board.

"That gives us some stability," said school board member Scott Radcliffe.

The combining of levies is part of a long-range plan by the to reduce the number of levies and thus how often school levies are up for a vote.

The next levy renewal is scheduled for 2016.

Issue 11

32-year, $32 million bond issue to build a new Avon Middle School

13 of 13 precincts reporting

Results are unofficial

                Votes      Percentage of vote Yes 2,816 48.78 No 2,957 51.22

Issue 12

10-year, $2.5 million combination of two renewal operating levies

13 of 13 precincts reporting

Results are unofficial

               Votes     Percentage of vote Yes 3,326 57.37 No 2,471 42.63
Susan Morrow March 10, 2012 at 07:37 PM
The Plain Dealer has responded as has the reporter who has now gone down to Tampa, Florida to now report on real estate in a milquetoast fashion. I think he would be a great addition to the Avon Patch.The thing about Peter's presence there is that the actions locally are viewed in a larger light. A Lorain City Councilwoman had a comment of hers compared against what the pre-WWII German town/berg councils. The shoe fit so the blog administrator left it up. A number of blog participants jumped all over the conduct of a Briton and Peter, while not supporting the Briton's conduct, proposed a counteraction where the American patriots on that site could bravely & publicly support 34 US Sailors murdered by their own US Government nearly 45 years ago.Peter's sourcing?The Director of the CIA himself at the time of the murders of US Sailors,and the directors of the NSA as quoted in a major North American Newspaper from a US Navy town San Diego Union Tribune.
Susan Morrow March 10, 2012 at 07:38 PM
All of a sudden the people who were only moments before were willing to succumb to a mob mentaility (including the blog administrator) and pile on the offending Briton were not so anxious to speak out against the murderers of their fellow countrymen.And for good reason; because of the contempt they’d face within their own communities. But remember, these are journalist retired who were now acting fearfully Journalistically, they knew the difference between killing a story and spiking a story that has already leaked out. Journalistically, they also were aware of the propaganda trick of supplanting a story with a different news event. So did Peter. Then Peter went after the Morning Journal & Chronicle Telegram managers in front of reporters and City Hall staff that they all knew so well with the same commercial insurance crimes he mentioned here. Complete silence from the managing editors of both newspapers who only had to calll down to their circulation mangers to confirm the truth of what Peter was saying.
Susan Morrow March 10, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Yes. Both the Chronicle Telegram and Morning Journal deleted his comments but the blog administrator, who herself had her conduct and attitudes questioned by Peter, knew that what was being said was true. Now you can see how careful the Morning Journal and Chronicle Telegram are in their editorials because they got called out by Peter on the commercial insurance crimes they are committing.You don’t see too many editorial comments against individuals because these editors know that Peter will go staight to that blog and embarrass them in front of people they see on a weekly and monthly basis. Milquetoast journalism at its finest.
Susan Morrow March 10, 2012 at 07:38 PM
So now Peter shows up here speaking of people getting the government that they deserve and speaking of ancient Greeks and talking about Benjamin Franklin saying hang together. And talking about matters which squarely fall within what Peter is famous for calling the arena of public policy formation. To be fair, Melissa let the topics remain posted since there was more than a peripheral connection but her definition of personal attack and terms of service in light of the reality that there is nothing currently out there that can warn parents of elementary school children that these people are being welcomed on school property should have caused her to copy the post to a word file and remove the offending portions. Is The Patch going to do a story on the criminal backgorunds of contractors who have been employed by people who come on school property? Then the meat of Peter’s postings should have remained untouched. The terms of service should be employed as a rationale to govern conduct not used as an excuse to delete what may be the only game in town in terms of information that every elementary school parent would want to know.
Susan Morrow March 10, 2012 at 07:41 PM
The one legacy that Peter Potamus left the Lorain City Hall Weblog is that no one on that site ever brings up the topic of doing their patriotic duty anymore. Peter had too may good ideas about how the City Council members in Lorain could show their patriotism and how the reporters could uniquely demonstrate their journalistic ethics. Tongue in cheek but valid nonehteless


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