Twitter Rumor Leads to Police Investigation at Avon High

Rumors of "something memorable" become elaborate.

A Twitter comment about "something memorable" happening on Feb. 21 led to a police investigation after Avon Police were alerted by a student about a twitter message.

On Feb. 20, Avon Police received a call from the parent of an Avon High School student  asking if they were aware of a Twitter post regarding an issue that was supposed to occur at the high school.

The Twitter post reference Feb. 21 2013 as a date that "would be remembered,'' a press release by the police department said. The tweet was originally posted by an Avon High School student at the end of January. The student is now attending Lorain County JVS.

Students began asking if school would be open Feb. 21.

The tweet was reposted and rumors began circulating, primarily in the social media among students of possible threats to students at the high school.

According to the press release, the rumors “became more elaborate as time passed.”

Avon High School principal Kristina Dobos Buller posted information on the school’s website Thursday morning that school was not canceled.

“Please be advised that AHS is open today,” her message on the school district's website said. “Throughout last night, students were in conversation on social media regarding a rumored threat regarding the safety of the school. Local authorities were advised of the threat and to calm any insecurity there will be a police presence at AHS today.  The threat was not substantiated. School is open.”

Both Avon police and school administrators investigated and found no substance to the rumor.

As a precautionary matter, uniformed and plain clothes officers conducted extra patrols Thursday morning.


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