Frankly, My Dear, Rhett is Adorable

Love-A-Stray cat looking for a happy -- toddler-free -- home.

Like your cat on the fluffy side?

Rhett is the cat for you!

The black and white Persian had been adopted from Love-A-Stray last fall, but his new family came with an active toddler who loved to grab Rhett's big, fluffy tail. While Rhett had borne the attention without incident, his new owner knew it was just a matter of time before Rhett ran out of patience. So she reluctantly returned Rhett to Love-A-Stray.

If you're interested in Rhett, or would like to see other cats and kittens available for adoption, contact Love-A-Stray through its website. Each and , Love-A-Stray brings several cats available for adoption to PetSmart at Great Northern Mall.

You can also donate money to help cover the costs of spaying/neutering cats, and health care.

Melissa Hebert February 02, 2012 at 03:43 PM
Rhett was adopted on Jan. 28! Keep an eye out on Avon Patch for more adorable cats and kittens Love-A-Stray has available for adoption.


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