Love-A-Stray Cat Mickey Will Have You Saying "I'm Lovin' Him!"

Tabby was rescued from McDonald's parking lot

When a Love-A-Stray volunteer recently went to , she got way more than a Big Mac Attack.

She got Mickey.

The volunteer found the tabby, who appears to have some Maine Coon in him, in the parking lot. She brought him to Love-A-Stray's shelter in Avon, and he's ready for adoption.

Mickey, estimated to be a year and a half old, doesn't appear to be a big run-around-and-play cat. But he's very affectionate, loves being held and especially loves being petted and getting scritched around his chin and neck.

If you're interested in Mickey, or would like to see other cats and kittens available for adoption, contact Love-A-Stray through its website. You can also donate money to help cover the costs of spaying/neutering cats, food, litter and health care.

Melissa Hebert March 05, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Good news! Mickey was adopted over the weekend. Congratulations to him and his new family.


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