Avon Lake Presents Jeff Sherman at Open Mic Christmas-Themed Event

Popular guitarist, rec director and others will sing Dec. 13.

Avon Lake Recreation Department will be showcasing one of the most popular performers in Northeast Ohio as the featured act at the Dec. 13 Open Mic. In demand in local clubs, restaurants and wineries, Jeff Sherman will be featured for a half-hour as part of the monthly open mic night at the Old Firehouse Community Center.

Sherman is one of the most sought after musicians in Northeast Ohio and combines classic rock and folk and blues. His playlist ranges from Bob Seger, The Grateful Dead and Jimmy Buffet to Carole King and Patsy Kline. He is expected to incorporate a few Christmas songs as well.

“I’ll probably play four to five jazzier Christmas songs, like I’ll be Home For Christmas and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” Sherman, a regular on the Cleveland nightclub scene, said.

Recreation Director Gary Gerrone is spearheading the open mic, or “mike” program.

“Open Mike, or Mic, is a popular musical performance format,” Gerrone said. “I did one for years at the Metro Parks, and through the connections of our host, Bob Sammon, we are bringing it here to Avon Lake.”

Sherman is known for his exceptional guitar playing ability. He often he employs a 'looper' to allow his playing abilities to shine in multiple ways during each song.

“One of the most beloved Christmas carols was written for guitar because the church's organ was broken…and it was written, in part, on Christmas Eve,” Gerrone said of Silent Night.

As a special feature, Gerrone will also take the stage and perform a short set of Christmas carols. He will not only lead in the singing of these traditional songs, but also share stories behind the music and composers

 “Through the Recreation Department I do a few other programs with the most notable one being the Songs of the Civil War,” Gerrone said. “I do spend a few summer nights at Veterans Park doing Songs by Lake Erie.

The event will be taped for Avon Lake Community Television's Holiday package. Avon Lake Community Television will be on hand to film this segment as part of their holiday special.

Being true to the Open Mic format, the stage is open to performers after Gerrone's performance. Signup starts at 6:30 pm and performances will continue until 9 p.m. or later.  


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