The 'Jesus Loves You' Bus

Minister Casimir Sowinski has parked the 'Jesus Loves You Bus' in the parking lot of Veterans Park for the evening. Come check out this fascinating bus which is fueled by nothing other than love!

Returning home this evening from having dinner with my family, my mother had told me to drive down Lake Road towards veterans park and to bring along my camera. I had driven home a different route from her so I had absolutely no idea why I was instructed to go there. Upon her findings, I had come across a gigantic bus that was just simply parked in the Veterans Park parking lot. My mother had told me not to go near the bus because she didn't know what it was. Ya know, the basic "don't talk to strangers'' rule. However, this was no ordinary bus. I had parked across the street, and attempted to take photos of this masterpiece from the corner of the street. I, however, was not satisfied. I was too far away and I wasn't getting the shots I desired.

Luckily, for me, it had begun to rain. So, I packed my camera into the car and took this completely irrelevant opportunity to drive across the street to the same parking lot as this big mysteriously religious bus. When approaching the bus, I thought it might have been some sort of travelling news stand or some type of booth - kind of like how the Blood Drive is set up. In my case, this was 'The Jesus Loves You Bus'. I had gotten my camera all prepared for shooting when I noticed a face in front window of the bus. I walked closer to the bus as the doors opened up, they opened like the doors of a school bus. There was a man and his dog, casually sitting in this bus. I greeted the man and he had asked me if I had Jesus in my heart. After a few moments of chattering, I had asked him what this all was. To be completely honest, I had no idea what it was. It appeared to be a bus, but it was humongous in size, resembling that of a house. This man went by the name of Casimir Sowinski. He was a minister - of course.

Minister Casimir Sowinski had purchased a bus on his son's recommendations. Although, Minister Sowinski had hoped to own more of a mobile home, the bus became his own sanctuary. Originating in California, Sowinski has traveled 35 states in this big beautiful bus. Across the entire bus, displays the message "Jesus Loves You". You might be thinking "How did he make it across the United States in a huge bus?" Well, the bus is fueled by love. Picture it sort of like Santa's sleigh - for the sleigh to fly, it needs people to believe in the spirit of Christmas. You see? - The bus needs people to give love to the spirit of God in order to run. Minister Sowinski is available for events such as; weddings, public speaking events, retreats, etc.

Throughout traveling the world, he has started selling t-shirts in order to help spread the word of God. T-shirts can be purchased from his online site www.jesuslovesyouteeshirts.com or www.thejesuslovesyoubus.com. If you missed 'The Jesus Loves You Bus' and would like to check it out, call 1-808-990-7867. 

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Cas Sowinski October 24, 2012 at 03:59 AM
we dont have the websites any longer. we are still on facebook. thejesuslovesyoubus.com on facebook and jesuslovesyouteeshirts.com on facebook. we made it to 40 states and 51 people have prayed with us to accept JESUS as LORD of there lives. thx for the story. GOD bless. please pray for us, cas n heygirl
Sarah and MIke February 17, 2013 at 04:17 AM
First of all, why don't you share you were in prison?? You beat a man who didn't do a thing? I don't see why you ask people for money since you have been on the streets since 2008 and you refused to work. And you got this bus through Fraud. Why don't you tell people you LIVE in this bus and you had a RV prior to it and still lived in the streets that SHE bought you. Why don't you mention you left your wife of 12 years to do a ministry? We all think you are a FRAUD!!! and need to tell the whole story you don't want to work. You didn't work prior to having this bus and still not working to go travel and get paid for it by BEGGING for money. Dude, if you were doing HIS WILL , HE WILL PROVIDE you don't have to beg for it...... peace out
Sarah and MIke February 17, 2013 at 04:18 AM
Sarah and MIke February 17, 2013 at 04:18 AM
CAS SOWINSKI is a bum who is doing FRAUD
Cas Sowinski June 07, 2013 at 02:23 PM
sadly, some people dont do anything for JESUS. our ministry is very transparent. our testimony and praise to JESUS for what HE has done is viewable on Youtube as , 'Cas the Jesus bus driver' , also, 'Holy Bus'


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