'Little Explorers' Gymnastic and Dance Arrives in Avon

Program is new to Tumbles & Cheers facility.

Tumbles & Cheers in Avon has partnered with Premier Athletics, a Varsity brand, to bring the national "Little Explorers" preschool program to Ohio.

Little Explorers, which begins Oct. 15, is designed for children ages 2-5 and focuses on basic motor and social skills through gymnastics and dance program for preschool children.

"Tumbles & Cheers was selected by Varsity to expand the program and become the first gym 'not owned by Premier' to run a Little Explorer program," Heather Zidek, owner of Tumbles & Cheers, said. "We are honored that Varsity recognized our new 14,500 square-foot facility as 'the place' to put Little Explorers on the map in Ohio.

“The Little Explorers program was launched in January by early childhood education teachers who also happened to be moms," Zidek said. "They understood from a mother's point of view what children wanted and needed to foster physical growth and social development.”

Sally Green, Little Explorers and media director for Premier Athletics, said the company is excited to partner with Tumbles & Cheers.

"Premier Athletics put months upon months of research into developing this program and training their staff," Green said. "Tumbles & Cheers is a fantastic fit for this program and we believe it will make Little Explorers Ohio a huge success. Heather Zidek has been eager to get this program up and running for a year now. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and it's what made us really want to open the first satellite program in Avon."

Unlike other preschool "gym" programs, members of Little Explorers benefit from using actual "preschool-sized" equipment while being exposed to full-size equipment as they grow and develop.

"Our program is designed to teach the basic skills while paying extra special attention to each age group’s learning styles and capabilities," Green said. "Little Explorers uses fun monthly themes to compliment the classes and to further develop the child’s mind by teaching them little facts centered around the theme and by helping them become the most well rounded kid they can be."

Certified Early Childhood Teacher Denise Deccola will serve as supervisor over the Little Explorers Avon program.

Little Explorers is not affiliated with Tumbles & Cheers. It has its own equipment and a 2,000 square-foot training area.


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