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Recent property transfers in Avon

The following Avon property transfers were recorded by the Lorain County Auditor's Office.

  • 3/29/2012: 2417 Deerfield Drive, parcel 04-00-003-101-407; 2421 Deerfield Drive, parcel 04-00-003-101-408; 2425 Deerfield Drive, parcel 04-00-003-101-409; 2439 Deerfield Drive, parcel 04-00-003-101-412. From Lake Properties Ltd. to Wendy Kamm. Total sale: $268,000. 
  • 3/29/2012: 36183 Falcon Crest Drive, parcel 04-00-015-109-101. From Mark and Shannon Denison to Kelly and Michael Dow. Total sale: $240,000.
  • 3/30/2012: 3718 Case Road, parcel 04-00-001-101-040. From K Hovnanian Oster Homes LLC to Heechol Park. Total sale: $230,373.
  • 3/30/2012: 2461 Berkshire Avenue, parcel 04-00-003-101-426. From NVR Inc. to Ali Syed. Total sale: $299,480.
  • 3/30/2012: 35099 Saddle Creek Drive, parcel 04-00-023-102-044. From Richard Hammond to Elizabeth Benik and Christopher Klimas. Total sale: 229,900.
  • 4/2/2012: 38525 Thornton Lane, parcel 04-00-003-101-284. From NVR Inc. to James and Julie Widmer. Total sale: $282,035.
  • 4/3/2012: 3208 Potterstone Way, parcel 04-00-026-108-056. From Kevin Judge and Melissa Stober to Martin and Renda Little. Total sale: $492,000.
  • 4/4/2012: 2458 Fairfield Drive, parcel 04-00-003-101-396. From NVR Inc. to ECK Inc. Total sale: $50,000. 


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