Time Magazine and Mommy Wars

Is it really that bad out there in Mommyland?

While the recent kerfuffle over the Time magazine breastfeeding cover focused on the exposed breast and a four-year-old boy breastfeeding, something else jumped out at me.

The headline.


Talk about a titillating question. 

What in blazes is "mom enough" and who decides?

Today, let's talk about the so-called Mommy Wars and how it affects you. Share how you've felt judged, and how you've caught yourself judging other moms.

Do you ever find yourself editing what you say around certain relatives or friends, not wanting to incite a mini-Mommy War?

Talk amongst yourself in the comments

Joining us, as always, is our awesome Moms Council.

 is a freelance reporter who has worked with Patch and is also a communications professional. She is a first-time mom of a son born in 2010.

 works in public relations. She has a daughter, Amara. Monina is also a member of the Disney Moms Panel, one of 15 moms selected nationwide, advising people online about planning Disney vacations. Monina has also started blogging for Avon Patch. If you're a parent and want to share your experiences raising children in Avon, you can also .

 is a mom of four children ages 6 and under with her husband, Bill. Their fourth child, Colette, arrived Jan. 10. Stephanie also works part-time.

 is a native of New Jersey. She is a marketing professional who has worked in advertising, market research, vending and equipment companies. She and her husband live in Avon with their two children.

 is a mom to a Girl Scout and lives in Avon.

 is a member of the  and past president of Avon Early Childhood PTA.


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