ALFD Deserves Praise For Super Storm Response

SLFD responds to 81 calls following Super Storm Sandy

To the Editor:

As I write this letter there are still 293 homes in Avon Lake without power. Like many residents I am frustrated at the pace of restoring power in our city. Super Storm Sandy hit us extremely hard and caused a great deal of damage.

However, we did not suffer any serious injuries or loss of life. To this I give a great deal of credit to our first responders. Natural disasters of this magnitude do not normally occur in Avon Lake. However our police and fire functioned like a well-oiled machine. From Oct. 29 - Nov. 3, the ALFD responded to 81 emergency calls. Compare this to the same time span last year when only 31 calls for help were made. This year the calls ranged from downed power lines, gas leaks, vehicle accidents and multiple EMS matters.

Their performance during this disaster deserves hearty praise. The residents of Avon Lake should be extremely proud that we have a fully funded, highly trained and professional fire department.

As life begins to return to normal for Avon Lake, we remember the election on Tuesday. Please remember the performance of your fire department when you step into that voting booth. Ask yourselves how would Avon Lake have fared this week if we had 1/3 less of the personnel? Less equipment? Less training?  Longer response times? 

Super Storm Sandy tested our fire department like they have never been tested before. I am proud to say the Avon Lake Fire Department passed that test with flying colors.

David Kos

Avon Lake City Council – Ward 4

Safety Committee Chairman


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