Letter: Senior Citizens Can't Afford School Levy

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To the Editor:

If this (Avon Lake School) levy passes, 40 percent of all seniors living in their homes will find it impossible to pay the extra dollar amount on their property tax.

At least 40 percent or more of seniors have lived in Avon Lake at least 30 years and have supported levies up to this point.


1)  Cut programs, cut salaries for all administrative staff; cut busing

   * Cut 2 sport programs:  It costs the swim team $7,426.00 to rent an indoor pool.

  * It costs the hockey team $7,697.00 to rent ice time.

2) Cut the following salaries:

    Superintendent $117,500.00

    Treasurer $87,000.00

    High School Principal $116,125

    Eliminate two Asst. principals for H.S.

    1. $83,635.00-Asst. principal

    2. $76,792.00-Asst. principal

3) Learwood Principal  $111,374.00

    Learwood Asst. Principal  $88,196

    Troy Principal $93,650.00

    Eastview Principal $93,851.00

    Redwood Principal $89,875.00

    Erieview Principal $85,103.00

    Westview Principal $93,851.00

    Athletic Director      $102,169.00

    Administrative Asst.  $56,853.00

    Secretary $46,883.00

    Secretary $27,865.00

    Transportation Supervisor $60,526.00

All of the above salaries come to a total of: $1,354,685.00

Cut all of the above 10 percent - Since teachers are not taking raises, then the above need to cut their wages.

Dan LaVigne

Avon Lake

ALsupporter October 21, 2012 at 12:04 PM
Please go to the website - all the numbers are laid out there. I supposed the state could cut again, although I'm not sure it is possible for it to be quite as drastic, they can't cut us back to $0. And I think the only federal monies we get are grants, but I'm not sure. Spending controls and budget management systems put in place by the district are presented in an easy to understand slide show on the levy campaign's website. All the details you desire can be found there, please take the time to visit the website. Specifics and numbers were compiled for the public in order to present all the information available. Also, someone much more well versed in school finance did the number crunching, so the details there will be much more specific and accurate than anything I can offer.
Chris October 21, 2012 at 02:01 PM
ALsupporter, Please do not assume no one has gone to the website. You keep saying that like its the solution to the problem and you are the only one who knows what's posted. I appreciate your passion.
ALsupporter October 21, 2012 at 05:05 PM
It is not a solution to the problem, it is the way for people to get information that is correct and complete and easy to understand. I keep saying to go to the website because comments continue to be made about the district wasting money and increasing costs. I'm assuming that these comments are coming from a lack of knowledge as to what is causing the real lack of funds - a cut in revenue to the schools. Additionally, commenters accuse the schools of not having done anything to reduce costs or keep budgets in check, which is not true. All of this is explained on the website. You'll notice that I am posting to go to the website in response to these types of comments. So, if you have explored the website and understand all of this, I apologize for redirecting you there, I guess you can just ignore that part of my posts from now on.
Tim Maloney November 03, 2012 at 04:23 PM
The problem with the levy website and other information put out by the levy committee is that some of the information is either misleading or nonspecific. One of the prime arguments for the levy is that AL property values are declining, which will reduce income. The fact is that Ohio House Bill 920 requires that school levies provide constant revenues irrespective of changes in real estate values. What is true is that Utilities personal property taxes (GenON) have been significantly reduced due to changes in the law and requested and approved revaluation. It is also true that state funding has been significantly reduced. My problem with the levy is its size. Some of the revenue reductions listed by the levy committee are not specific and overstate the facts. Is a levy needed? Absolutely! But, I'm not at all convinced that it needs to be over 9 mills. Another consideration is the fact that union negotiations with the teachers' union will be taking place this coming spring. The teachers have been great in agreeing to compensation cuts to help get through the current rough patch, but it is clear that some changes are needed in the contract to reflect the realities of today's world. It doesn't make sense to pass a levy of this size until more is known about what the future holds.
Victor Mooney November 03, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Current Salary + Benefits is on an UNSUSTAINABLE Curve! Placing blame on the state is disengenuous and misleading---get the facts, you won`t get them from the "Levy Website" --go to The Buckeye Institure --they have just posted a new study on this very subject---You will find them to be unbiased and straightforward. The newest Policy Brief by the Buckeye Institute shows that state spending on education has far outpaced inflation for years while the total compensation packages of school district employees have been on a glide path to almost uniformly unsustainable levels. In many cases the median salary of teachers within a district far exceeds the median household income in the surrounding area and leads to a situation where the overall compensation consumes the vast majority of districts' revenues. In some cases, over 100 percent of projected revenues over a five-year time period go to nothing but compensation, meaning that there would not be revenue to pay for maintenance, utilities, technology expenses or anything else that facilitates a strong learning environment. It`s not too late---get educated about this issue!


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