Camping! Citizenship! Pinewood Derby! Pack Does It All

Avon's Pack 333, with 98 members, is holding a membership drive nex

Avon’s Pack 333 is looking for a few new members to help it in its endeavors to help others. For year’s the pack, part of Boy Scouts of America and chartered through has taken on significant projects.

“Earlier this summer, in recognition of National Trails Day on June 2, our youth de-littered a two-mile trail along the Vermillion River at Firelands Scout Reservation in Wakeman,” Pack leader Matt Wendling said.

Twice a year, the Pack helps maintain the grounds of its sponsor, Avon United Methodist Church. 

Wendling said the almost 100 elementary school boys “can rake the leaves from a yard pretty quickly if properly motivated (with donuts, usually).”

Pack 333 counts 98 youths, ranging from first through fifth grade, and 16 volunteers.

But it was a project several years ago that Wendling said was truly emblematic of the Pack’s contributions.

“Our most proud contributions is probably one of our tree planting projects from 2-3 years ago,” Wendling said. “As many of our members are also part of Avon Little League, we noted a lack of shade at Avon Little League Park (behind ).  Our leaders offered to plant trees for the city in this park.  Upon approval, our youth purchased 12 red maples with funds they earned themselves during our annual popcorn fundraiser, and planted them at the park (along the west edge of the paved trail). 

“A lot of the work was done by the boys themselves – again, many small hands with many shovels can dig holes quickly.  I hope that some of our youth members will remember those trees decades from now when they take their kids to play ball in that park.”

Wendling said the projects reinforce the values of scouting, including teamwork, leadership, and generosity.

“These values combine to form the concept of good citizenship,” Wendling said.

In addition to service projects, Scouting also uses outdoor experiences to further develop leadership and responsibility in its youth. 

“Camping is almost synonymous with Scouting, but we also use activities and crafts like the Pinewood Derby to give opportunities to strengthen family relationships.”

Cub Scout Pack 333 will be registering new members at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 5 atgymnasium. Annual dues are $60 and include registration, Boy’s Life subscription, handbook, derby kits, and subsidized camping. Checks should be payable to Boy Scouts of America.

See BeAScout.org for more information for more information on the organization.




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