Linda Moyse Named Avon Lake's 'Citizen of the Year'

Longtime volunteer has worked on many projects over the years.

The Avon Lake Community Council named one of Avon Lake’s longest residents and staunchest volunteers, Linda Moyse, this year’s “Citizen of the Year.”

“Mrs. Moyse has shown a lifetime commitment for bettering the community and for caring for those who are in need. She is an inspiration to future generations regarding the importance of community involvement,” Marty O’Donnell, President of the Avon Lake Community Council, said.

The list of community service projects she has worked on is impressive. Moyse served as the president in the 1970s, Friends of the Library resident in the 1980s and president of the League of Women Voters. 

She has volunteered her time through PTA, , Friends of the Library and has assisted senior citizens with transportation to appointments.

Moyse said that while she has volunteered on many projects, all had one thing in common.

“I think I had fun with every project I was involved in,” she said.

Moyse, who raised children Mike, Jenny and Kathy (now Malcomson) in Avon Lake with her husband, Jim, said she was “sort of embarrassed” by the attention but shared some unique recollections of projects she was involved with.

“Years ago, when (Richard) Hausrod was mayor, they canceled the fireworks because the city didn’t have any money,” she said. “I thought we could find a way to raise money.”

Moyse partnered with Bob Urbin, former mayor Vince Urbin’s father, and began placing canisters around town to collect money.

“Bob was the most naturally funny person I’ve ever been around,” she said. “He started calling them ‘Linda’s little red buckets.’”

With the help of the media, the buckets filled and the fireworks—as well as a good old-fashioned summer festival—went off without a hitch.

She worked to get the levy passed, as well as the more recent aquatic center levy. 

“The Library ran out of money and the Nord Center had a seminar on how to run levies,” Moyse said. “Me and Marsha Waugaman and Betty McMahon went to it,  came back to work on it and and the levy passed by a large majority.”

Moyse has worked on several projects with past Citizen of the Year Kay Usher.

She also worked on passing a school levy pass, understanding its necessity.

“You just don’t put a levy on for fun,” she added.

Her organizational skills have paid off. Several years ago she took over the responsibility of organizing the annual Avonn Lake Homecoming fair after the recreation department’s Lisa Goodwin handed off the torch to her.

Moyse, as well as the Projects of the Year recipients (see article later this week) will be honored at an Avon Lake Kiwanis dinner May 17 at the Avon Lake library.

Carol Murphy April 30, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Congratulations, Linda! A most deserving honoree!


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