Me, my Wife, and my Son are new to the area and we all want to help however we can fit in. Neither of us know how that will be yet. We left our beloved lifetime roots in Kansas. We wanted to move here while we still are ''kicking'' and ''crowing'' (ie, Peter Pan). I am 57, my wife 50, and my son 21. One place we are starting, is bringing our tiny old home...in a neighborhood that needs help...back into ''friendly'' shape. We want to put our first efforts into making ourselves good neighbors. I tend to come in with a bang, but actually am more of a follower willing to help out the leaders. We sank our whole small wad into moving here, and as humble as we may seem...we are anxious to start paying our dues and sharing with everyone our complete bursting joy we have with being here. This place might as well be heaven for us...because it seems like it is. It is my desire to be looked at as the type of newcomers that the people with roots here are glad to welcome.
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